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Musician and Producer Todd Horton designed and created Base 4 Stands™ to provide maximum stability, flexibility, durability, strength and ease of use. All of the commonly known inadequacies of conventional microphone stands were addressed and resolved. Here is a list of the main design features:

• patented four-legged base design provides unrivaled balance and stability
• oversized Jam Nut℗, knurled and scalloped for easy gripping when making precision adjustments
• removable and replaceable microphone mounts allow you to turn any length mic arm into a stereo bar
• supports any weight microphone without the need for sandbags or counterweights
• safely holds multiple arms with above average weight microphones
• positive locking connectors prevent mic arms from dropping after placement
• lightweight aluminum allows you to lift and move a stand for repositioning
• large, steel levers and thumb screws for more torque and hand comfort while tightening connectors
• non-slip, oversized, vibration dampening rubber feet
• streamlined cabling using connector levers and thumb screws as guides
• quick base assembly using the provided T-handle, ball-tip, 5mm hex tool
• no plastic parts used, only high-grade aluminum, steel and rubber
• partial or full disassembly for storage or transport in a custom bag
• lifetime warranty for registered owners

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