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Base 4 Jam Nut – Questionnaire

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Is there another brand of jam-nut that you enjoy using more than a Base 4 Jam Nut?
If you own both steel and aluminum Base 4 Jam nuts, which do you prefer?
Base 4 Jam Nuts are currently priced at $5 per, 16$ for four and $35 for ten

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* COMMENT: I have personally found that some Jam Nuts are tighter fitting than others, due to minor manufacturing inconsistencies, and they need to be “broken in”. The same is true with some of the threaded mic mounts on the stands. In all cases, I found that by applying a tiny bit of lubricant on the threads and gently working it back and forth the problem was solved. Olive oil is my preferred choice. If using a water based lubricant be sure to wipe the threads dry once finished. I have determined that the threads themselves are not the issue, but the thickness of the black oxide coating. Therefore, I am fully confident that the receiving threads on any stand, mic clip, shock mount or microphone will not become damaged by using lubricant to “break in” the threads. If you are concerned about damaging threads, you can test my method using a cheap mic clip or standoff and if it damages those threads I will replace it, along with any Jam Nuts or mic mounts with this issue. Sorry for any inconvenience.