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If you can imagine it, we can build it for you.

All stands in the Base 4 catalog were designed with certain applications in mind, balancing height, weight, arm lengths and footprint to maximize stability while maintaining the appropriate profile for the job at hand. But there are also many ways in which you can have your stands customized to meet specific requirements you may have and could never quite meet with regular stands. See Design Features.

For example, if you only ever record your own drums in your space, with minor setup variations, we can build a stand that will fit your configuration to the tee. When you need to clear the space for other uses you can simply fold the mic arms down, leaving them attached where they are, and move the entire stand to the side. The next time you’re ready to track drums your setup time will be significantly reduced.

If you are a singer-songwriter and have ever wished that you had only just the right amount of stand to contend with when recording your voice and guitar, we can build a stand with specs to match your height, for example, with another custom length arm mounted for your guitar mic and yet another to hold and position your tablet exactly where you need it to be. That stand would also be flexible enough to use for many other applications.

If you’ve ever wished you could have one dedicated, semi-permanent setup for recording your piano, which was quick and easy to break down when necessary, and didn’t involve using multiple stands that were either too big and heavy to move around or too unstable to rely on when using heavier microphones, we can build that stand based on the required specifications you provide us with, which can include the microphones you typically use.

You can also have your stand personalized, with various color schemes, permanent decals and engravings.

Since all stands are built by the designer, you can rely on any customization being consistent with the correct balance of all of the most important factors mentioned in the opening line above.

Simply adding or subtracting a mic arm from a stock stand is not considered a customization service. Additional arms with fasteners are available for purchase here on our website, along with specialized add-ons that will take your stand to another level.

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