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Base 4 Stands Mic-Tree™ for Drums

This system is comprised of three stands – Small, Tall and Large. Together, they enable you to close mic a very large drum set, replacing up to thirteen separate stands or shell mounts. Each on their own can perform the job of up to four or five (or more) individual stands.

Reorganize and move some language to other page(s): Base4 Stands are a modular support system for microphones and other audio/visual equipment. The patented, four legged design with large rubber feet provides balance and stability when multiple microphone arms are attached. There are many possible configurations that will not impact the balance or stability of the stand. The DRUM TREES were designed, in part, to save space and reduce clutter on the studio floor when mic’ing a drum set. One DRUM TREE can replace five individual stands. Lightweight, industrial strength tubing enables you to lift and move the stand around the room whenever necessary. The fasteners and large levers allow quick, clean and precise adjustments to be made that are positive-locking. They require little force to be secure and will support the heaviest microphones through many years of continued use.

Put somewhere else: Any mic arm can be attached to any part of the stand, including the legs. When loosened, they will slide along the length of a tube so you can always find a position that won’t disturb the instrument you are recording or reinforcing. Most tablet, phone and camera holders can be mounted on the end of an arm using a small threaded adapter. When it is attached to the stand using the ball fastener, the arm is rotatable by 360 degrees. When combined with an adjustable holder, you can control height, distance, angle and lateral positioning of your device.