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The Base 4 Stands™ Mic-Tree™ is a modular support system for microphones that can replace multiple traditional stands with one unit. Its patented, four-legged design with large rubber feet provides the balance and stability needed to hold heavy microphones without the need for sandbags and counterweights.

Every Mic-Tree™ was designed with specific applications in mind, but none are limited to any single scenario. While mic-arms are interchangeable between the various models, extensive testing was done to arrive at the perfect combination of stand height to arm-length ratio, base weight, and footprint – as well as microphone weight considerations.

A Mic-Tree™ immediately saves space on the studio floor once a second mic arm is in use. For every mic arm you attach, one conventional mic stand can be eliminated. Just one of the Mic-Trees™ for Drums can replace up to five individual stands. With all three Drum Trees combined you can replace up to thirteen stands around large drum kits. View our detailed list of Design Features.

3 Mic-Trees™ replace 13 conventional stands

Mic-Trees™ are made with industrial strength, lightweight aluminum tubes and die-cast aluminum connectors. Large levers and thumb screws aid in making precise and “positive-locking” adjustments. The connectors require little force to secure the mic arm in position and, once “locked,” will prevent the arm from dropping the instant you let go – and will not drop over time.

All Mic-Trees™ come with the patent pending Base 4 Stands™ Jam Nut℗, designed to make the final positioning of a microphone easy and pain-free. At 5mm thick, with a 34mm OD made of aluminum, the alternating knurled and scalloped features provide grip and comfort for ease of use.

Custom Design

Options include, but are not limited to, tailored-to-fit vocal and horn stands, detail specific configurations for any application, ceiling mounted overhead and room mic’ing installations, custom length Stub Mounts for auxiliary items such as camera, tablet and phone holders. Custom colors are also available for Stretch, Solo, Sidekick and Shorty. Customization requests should be made through our Support page.