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All Base 4 Stands can be customized for any application. Standard and custom stand prices start at $250 and vary depending on the size and number of arms and attachments. Additional arms and attachments can be purchased at any time.

All stands come with a Lifetime Warranty.

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  • B4S Jam Nut

    Having a usable microphone stand Jam Nut, or microphone locking nut, on the end of your mic arm makes final, precise mic placement much easier.

  • Shorty

    For all things down low. Built like a tank.

  • Sidekick

    An indispensable tool for any sized studio or venue.

  • Solo

    An excellent alternative to any mid-sized tripod boom stands.

  • Stretch

    Safe and secure reach for the most precious cargo.

  • Small-Tree

    The ultimate space saver.

  • Tall-Tree

    A multi-armed, space saving solution around the drums

  • The Beast

    The swiss army knife of stands.

  • Tees

    Extra comfy T-shirts for those discerning microphone stand lovers.