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The Beast


First of its kind, movable without wheels, quickly broken down and put into a custom shoulder bag.  The ultimate Mic-Tree™ for any studio.

Telescoping for added height and reach, with five arms, four ball connectors, one angled connector, one straight connector, one swivel connector and a support brace.  It replaces five individual stands anywhere around the drums.  Your heaviest microphones can now be safely supported by a stand you can pick up with one arm.

Combined with the Small and Tall Trees, large kits can be fully close mic’ed, replacing up to thirteen stands.  Away from the drums, it is the ultimate multi-tool for any recording application.

• Our Blumlein Array Attachment (coming soon) can be mounted anywhere along the vertical post, supporting the heaviest ribbon mics

• The Expansion Kit (coming soon) will allow you to construct a fully adjustable Decca-Tree, a highly effective and flexible solution for large rooms, theaters and concert halls.

• With the appropriate adapters (not included) and our Add-on Stub Mounts (coming soon) it becomes a height adjustable overhead video or lighting setup.  A multitude of forthcoming Add-ons will extend its capabilities even more.

The Beast comes with a lifetime warranty.

More Add-ons for this product are coming soon!


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