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Replaces four stands around the kit, with overhead reach. Mic-Tree™ connectors support heavy microphones without sagging.

Many different configurations are possible when positioned anywhere around the kit.  A stereo arm can be extended for overhead or cymbal mic’ing while the remaining arms cover various combinations of the kick, snare and toms.  With its taller riser, longer arms and wider footprint, it is stable and balanced when supporting multiple, heavy microphones and replaces four conventional mic stands.

Tall-Tree and Small-Tree are designed to compliment each other, while each is highly effective on its own. Together, they fully mic any standard sized drum kit, replacing eight individual stands in the process.  Thirteen stands can be replaced when The Beast is added for larger kits.

Great for horn, wind, string and vocal sections, too.

Tall-Tree comes with a lifetime warranty.

Add-ons for this product are coming soon!


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