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An indispensable tool for any sized studio or venue. See Design Features and  Customization details

Sidekick comes with two arms and two different connectors capable of supporting two heavy mics, simultaneously, in multiple configurations. It is well balanced, lightweight and modular – perfect for double mic’ing guitar amps, kick drums, top/bottom snare as well as seated performers i.e. string players, percussionists. One arm can be used as a stereo bar held by the other, owed to its removable mic mounts, eliminating the need for a second stand. One arm can hold a mic while the other supports a universal tablet or camera holder for self-recording or podcasting (holder not included). Additional arms and connectors are available to fill out a powerful snare-side Mic-Tree, replacing four other stands. There are multiple customization options and add-ons available, including heavy duty legs, different connector combinations, a range of arm and riser lengths, additional arms and connectors and black. Sidekick comes comes with a lifetime warranty. See more detailed Design Features.

I’ve had this stand by my desk for years. It has two mics (efx and clean) mounted at all times for all of my remote horn recording work. Since I designed it myself, it fits my space perfectly and has become indispensable. I often have a shorter arm mounted as well to hold my phone”  – Todd Horton, Base 4 Stands Designer


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