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The Mic-Tree™ with reach, anywhere you need it .  A great choice for pianos, singer/guitarists, horn or vocal sections and room mic’ing.

Designed for applications requiring added height and reach.  When positioned off to the side, floor space is available for pedal boards and instrument stands.  It comes with two different length mic arms, ideal for mic’ing singer/guitarists.

Grand pianos, percussion kits and horn, string and woodwind sections are all well-served by this versatile Mic-Tree™.  Its height, arm lengths and footprint are perfectly balanced, allowing you to mount heavy microphones without any fear of tipping, even when bumped.  Sandbags and counterweights are unnecessary.

Stretch for Stage and specialized Add-ons are coming soon!  Custom black, colors, personalization and other options are available for this stand by request.  Visit our Support page for more information or contact us with questions and requests, as well as pricing info.

Stretch comes with a lifetime warranty.


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