One mic stand for any job.

Multiple length, modular arms deliver a flexible and multi-purpose miking-system.


Quick to set-up.

Extra-large feet dampen unwanted noise and vibration and enable clean, discrete, cable management.

Easy To Use

No more sore hands.

Oversize and smooth-finish levers make continuous adjustment comfortable and easy.


Save space.

Allows countless double-miking configurations.


No more drooping.

Hardware strong enough to hold any microphone or multiple microphones and maintain arm position.


No more worries.

Patented four-legged design gives extreme stability.

A Mic Stand That Exceeds Expectations

25+ years of audio production experience, 7+ years of research & development, and thousands of hours of testing by industrial design engineers, sound engineers, recording artists, performers and producers has led us to completely reinvent the microphone stand.

  • pete keppler

    “Base 4 has made vast improvements on an item that has really needed it for decades. The ruggedness and balance of their stands is superb, and the mechanisms are heavy-duty and positive-locking. I never worry that their stand will slip or that a mic will hit the ground. Plus, I can mic my entire drum kit with just two stands… Way less clutter on the studio floor.”

    Pete Keppler 

    Music Producer, Audio Engineer+Mixer, Musician   David Byrne, David Bowie, Bonnie Raitt, Patti Smith, Katy Perry, Nine Inch Nails

  • ken rich

    “These stands rule!! I have the snare top, bottom, hat and talkback all on one base with 4 adjustable arms.  The jam nut is a tremendous feature making quick adjustments simple. These stands are light weight and yet feel as sturdy as any stands I’ve ever owned – the arms don’t droop, which allows me to trust them with the heaviest vintage ribbon mics I own.”

    Ken Rich

    Owner, Grand Street Recording (Brooklyn, NY) Grammy Nominated Engineer, Producer, Engineer, Mixer & Bassist